Saturday, June 02, 2012

Colorful Dining

During our recent trip to Alabama the Old Salt and I left my Mother to visit with some relatives and snuck off for a quite dinner alone.  We started out looking for a restaurant my cousin recommend, but, did a quick turn around when we spotted this colorful place.  Mimi's Cafe was located on the edge of a large shopping mall in Montgomery Alabama. 

The flowers were as colorful as the awnings and paint on the building.

Can anyone name this plant for me?  The leaves remind me of a maple tree.

Even the benches out front were full of colors.

While I was trying to capture the building the Old Salt was snapping shots of me.

click to enlarge to see what I am pointing at.  
At one point I found myself being chased by a dove protecting her nest hidden in the elbow of the downspout.  Father dove was in a tree across the parking lot and the two birds kept up a rapped chatter as they tried to keep the customers from getting to close.   

We certainly made the right choice.  The food was excellent, the staff friendly and the weather perfect.  In fact, it was so perfect, the Old Salt suggested we dine on the outdoor patio.  We were the first solo customers of a waitress, in training, who spoiled us with her southern charm; and entertained by a couple of cute kids, out on the town with their grandparents.   

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  1. Very nice looking restaurant. We always prefer the locals when we travel.

  2. Tom and I LOVE the Mimi's restaurant here in Goodyear!!!
    ... and I nearly squeaked aloud after I "map-quested" this locale and discovered ya'all were just a few minutes from my son's place!
    I for sure can't identify that plant. If no-one else comes up with the answer, I'll ask my DIL to take a look.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Looks like a beautiful place ! Don't ask me plant or flower names, I only see if it is a flower or a plant, lol !

  4. Rita -- there is a Mimi's here and in Colorado and Tucson, which was the first one we ever went to...I had no idea it was a chain then and we loved it as much as you did. I was so surprised to find out it's a chain. The three I've been in are all just as good as yours..and as pretty.

  5. That is a pretty restaurant. Some of them do have great, well maintained landscaping.


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