Monday, June 18, 2012

A Really Good Time!

Last Saturday another of my nephews took the plunge and married his high school sweetheart.  I am exaggerating that last statement a bit but it feels like they have been together that long.  I know I'm getting old but young people today seem much too young to marry.
  These two are young but they are very much in love. 

This wedding was certainly a family affair.  Most of the wedding party was a cousin or a sibling of the happy couple.  The flowers and even some of the bridesmaid's hair styles were done by my sisters.  Both of the priest officiating at the wedding Mass were my brothers.   

 Everyone who pitched in to decorate the reception hall were family.  The table runners were sewn by my sister and two sisters did all the floral arrangements.  
The wedding cake was done by a one of the brides relatives;
and the sign warning motorists this couple were newlyweds was hand made by family.  

Now my age is showing again but, it feels like each new wedding I go to the music gets louder and the revelers get wilder.  When the wedding party arrived, they came into the hall dancing and wearing funny hats,  In this shot we have a nephew wearing a halo and a niece in devil horns and wearing a feather boa while doing a shimmy and shake kind of dance.    

Plus, there is always some new fad.  This party took me back to the sixties when we would pile into the photo booth at Woolworth's and receive a strip of black and white pictures for a quarter. This time I did not need the quarter and the photos were in color but the booth hadn't changed much.  Two strips of three shots each would come out of the machine.  The ladies attending the machine would put one in a plastic case to make a souvenir bookmark with the bride and grooms names and wedding date printed on the bottom.  The second set went into a scrapbook we would sign.  This scrapbook was replacing the traditional guestbook.  

In case you haven't noticed the color theme for this wedding was red, white and black.  The Old Salt and I dressed accordingly.  He wore white and black and I wore a red and black dress.  

 Naturally, I'm linking this post to Ruby Tuesday and Rednesday were Red is the color of the day.    Over at ABC Wednesday, the letter of the week is "W."  So I'm hoping everyone there will except my invitation to visit my "Wedding." 

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  1. My kind of party - RED! You look wonderful in red and black - and the wedding looked like it was a very festive!

  2. Precious moments, congratulations to the newlywed!

    Building Blocks Rubies, have a good Tuesday!

  3. That wedding cake was totally awesome!!!! You look good in red :0)

  4. You look lovely in red! The wedding was hilarious--Leslie (in the red devil outfit) has posted innumerable photos on Facebook. We really had a great time (minus the Best Man's "speech." :) I will tell my mom about the kind comments that have been made about the cake--she worked on it for 4 days, and really put her heart and soul into it! It was a beautiful, unique, and fun to remember!

  5. Didn't seem THAT wild, and a good time was had by all. And two priests, no WAITING.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Love it. That's the prettiest wedding cake I've ever seen. Congrats to them.

  7. Coming back for ABC..

    White Eggplant
    Rose, ABC Wednesday!

  8. Congratulations to the whole family...

  9. I love, love, love that red cake. So impressive. I love weddings.


  10. Thank you far sharing this special time in your family's life. You and the "old salt" really look nice. I wish the young couple the best. It takes a lot of giving and taking. Trust they are up to that.

  11. What a beautiful wedding! Everyone looks like they really had a blast! Visiting from Rednesday.

  12. What a lovely weddding - the bride and groom look lovely as do you and your hubby. You suit your red dress it looks great :)

  13. awww! what a lovely newly weds couple :-) love the RED flower and the red dress too :-) Wish them both luck and a wonderful married life :-) Dropping by from last weeks RT2

  14. The red, white and black wedding theme is just beautiful! I wish them all the best!


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