Thursday, June 14, 2012

truck signs

On a recent trip into the city we happen to get behind two trucks that carried a message.  Or for our purposes today -- a sign.  

For all the shouting this rig did about maintaining your distance.  The driver of this truck actually merged onto the highway and cut us off in the process.  500 feet, heck no.  He was within ten feet when he pulled into our lane.  Fortunately, he had a tarp covering his load so there were no rocks flying.

I have to agree with every word on this telephone truck.  But, our grandson was with us and ask "Who taught them how to spell.  They forgot the "vowels"."  Duh!  And this is boy who runs out of texting minutes every month.  

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  1. Always back off and give the big trucks the right away. You will lose every time. Texting and driving in Ontario can get you heft fine.

  2. Your Grandson is very smart. Texting people do not know how to spell. Love the signs. B

  3. amen to no texting and driving!!

    trucks tend to be aggrssive on the road, I try really hard to avoid them
    one of our main routes is more trucks than cars

  4. no matter the fine, still people will keep on texting (or at least looking at the Blackberries) while driving.

  5. 2 good catches! Truck drivers used to be the best on the road but no more.

  6. Those are two good ones.
    I have a smart phone that I use for everything. GPS, phone, compass, level, altimeter and about 20 other apps, that help us in our RV and when jeeping about. The one thing I don't have is TEXTING. I disabled that porition of the phone. Texting will be the death of what few manners people have left.

    1. The Old Salt and I could not agree with your more. We elected to not have texting on our phones. If someone what's to send us a message they will have to e-mail or phone.

      And, don't get me started on the modern day manners!!!!!!!

  7. Good catch with the signs...texting and driving is so dangerous, but I do have to use it...still working part-time from the home. Sometimes, texting is the only way to get in touch with my boss!


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