Friday, June 29, 2012

Tiki Hut

In the spring of 2011 historic flooding soaked southern Missouri and Illinois.  A trip south sent us through the flooded area a few weeks later.   The post I did then with photos of the flooding can be found here.  Many areas were still under water.  Closed roads required us to make detours around the flood waters.  As a result, I wasn't sure where the following photo was taken.  I made several attempts over the last year to identify this building based on the description, with no luck.  Recently, a clue led me to the answer.

I shot this at some distance from the building  After I decided to use it I cropped the photo to get the two shots below hoping for more detail.  That is when I noticed the words Tiki Hunt on the side of the building.   After a short web search l had the information.  

The reflection of the bright mural on this building really stands out in the flood waters.  

I'm sorry I couldn't get more detail of the mural that surrounds the building.  I haven't seen an entire building painted like this before.
This is the Tiki Hut Restaurant in McClure, Illinois.  
A review described the Restaurant as follows:   "The Tiki Hut is your local Tropical Get-away!  They serve great burgers, sandwiches, rice bowls, and more... all with an island twist. They offer pool tables, a state of the art juke-box, video games, beach volleyball, an outside deck, and often have live shows and contests."

Many of the buildings in this area had four or more feet of water in them.  I wonder how badly this restaurant was damaged and whether it reopened.  

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  1. What amazing and colorful reflections! It does look/sound like a great place to eat -- flood or not! Marvelous captures! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. I saw so many buildings like this with water half-way up the walls when we traveled there last summer. This is certainly a pretty mural - hope they were able to salvage the restaurant! Great capture - and nice that you persevered to find the info on it!

  3. Let's hope they did survive, because the menu has my mouth watering. How phenomenal to do the entire building in a mural - Great captures - especially considering what you had to go through to get it!

  4. Though I know it was not a good thing to have surrounding the building, the mural looks great surrounded by all that water.

  5. VERY coloful! I hope it made it through the flooding. Very nice photos!

  6. The mural looks lovely in the reflections but the owners must have been devastated!

  7. beautiful mural. even lovelier reflected on the water

    My MONDAY MURAL is here

  8. Flooding causes terrible damage. I think the owners of this restaurant are in for an expensive clean up. Fixing the mural will be low on the priority list, even though it is quite the eye catcher. It's water reflection is lovely even though it shouldn't exist. Thanks, Rita, for contributing to Monday Mural. And thanks so much for educating us all on the Mexican myth in my post for today's meme.

  9. Floods are never nice, I should know, living in the land of endless floods. But you did get nice reflections of the colorful mural on this tiki hut restaurant, Rita.


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