Saturday, June 09, 2012

Pink Saturday

I can't believe it is Saturday already.  What a busy day we are going to have.  My sister is coming home from Omaha for a weeks vacation.  We also have a graduation party to attend for two of my nieces who just graduated from high school.  While I am out enjoying some great family time.  I will leave you with some fabulous shots linked to Pink Saturday.  

This week I published a photo of the most amazing group of Mimosa trees on my photo blog.  That photo can be found here.  These two close-up shots are of those trees.

Mimosa trees are the Old Salt's favorite tree.  He planted two chocolate ones in the yard of our last house.  Regrettably, neither took root.  Ssssssh!  Please, keep my secret--- I have arranged to have a pink one like this planted in our yard as a surprise for Fathers Day.      

Last Monday I posted about the only mural in my town. That post can be found here
The mural is on the side of the building housing Main Street Antiques.  When I went to enter the shop (to do research on the mural) I found the door propped open by this delightful pink folk-art cat. 

 While having breakfast at our favorite diner this week, we were seated next to this adorable   child. She was the most talkative eighteen month old I have ever met.  She would parrot  every word she heard.  The Old Salt ask her if she could say "precocious" and she quickly repeated it perfectly.   When I took out my camera the child got upset.  Mom said that she does not like having her picture taken so I had to settle for this shot of those cute curly ribbons in her hair.  I learned that Mom makes these girly barrettes to sell at craft fairs.    

Linking to Pink Saturday


  1. Love that hair clip! And the pink cat...very nice piece! As for mimosa trees...they are very pretty - gorgeous blooms!

  2. OK, I'm "shhhh-ing" ... but what a GREAT IDEA!!! Can't wait to hear the results!

    Love that baby's "do." Sounds as if her parents have invested lots of love and attentio promoting her speech. "Precocious?" ...amazing!

  3. I think we all can see we love the pink mimosa...except when it comes time to clean up....your photos are gorgeous. Cute clip and the talker underneath, I bet was just as cute. Happy Pink Saturday.

  4. Hello! This is Katie, Mommy to the "Little Parrot" pictured above. I just thought I would stop by and check out your blog. I love your pictures!


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