Sunday, June 24, 2012

There is a New Featured Color in Blogland

It has just come to my attention that a lovely lady over in Ireland named Fiona with a blog called Raindrops and Daisy's has started a new meme, blog hop or link-up (depending on where in the world you're located) devoted to the color Green. That is a color all of us can manage with all the growing things this time of year.  I confess  I am  always watching for photo opportunities  that contain colors like pink, red and blue.  I can't find a single green item in my recent shots that is not a living thing.  I will be on the lookout  for those unusual and different green items.  I do have a few favorite living green's I have not had the opportunity to share.  So here we go---- my green entries for this new meme, rightly called -----"Green Day."

We live in a hilly riverfront town and you will find lots of areas where tall concrete retaining walls keep the earth from caving in.  Recently, our vacuum needed servicing and I remained in the car while the Old Salt carried it into the repair shop. This shop's parking area sits  below one of those tall concrete walls. This one has a chain link fence atop it because the high ground is part of a school playground.  While waiting I looked up and saw this lacy looking pine branch silhouetted against the fence and snapped the shot through the windshield.  The Old Salt doesn't much care for this shot so I have never posted it before.  But, I happen to like it.   

 After taking the above shot I got out of the car and walked to the front of the shop so that I could get this long shot of the pine trees on top of that wall.

No matter whether you call them crayfish, crawfish or as they are known in this part of the midwest "Crawdads" these little guys are considered a real delicacy in many parts of the country.  I captured this one on a visit to my brothers cabin on Table Rock Lake.

  I captured this shot while photographing my neighbors clematis last month. Not sure what to call them and I was surprised I had never noticed these lacy gold-ish "what-evers" before.  But, I liked the look of them and got permission from my neighbor to cut a couple to add to a vase of cut flowers.  They only got better as they dried out and I was able to keep them for several weeks before our cats decided they were a play toy.
I will close with this shot of some blackberries ripening on the vines I found growing around the henhouse where I photographed Clarence, the rooster I posted here.

I am linking this post to Green Day.  
Why don't you hop over and check out this new meme devoted to the color Green.


  1. Love the crawdad!!! The blackberries too....reminds me to check mine when we get back to town.

  2. A really lovely selection of 'green pictures'. I've never seen a crayfish before - it is quite colourful isn't it?

  3. That crawdad is awesome! Our blackberries are just getting ready to turn..hope the birds leave some for us! I will try to remember to link up to Green Day...just have to make myself a note! Have a great day!

  4. Hi Cashjocky,

    So glad that you joined up with the "Green Day" link up on Raindrops and Daisys.

    You have posted some wonderful pictures for us to share.

    I have never seen a crayfish
    and your clematis photos are beautiful

    Thank you so much for sharing them with us today.

    I hope that you will join up with us again on Friday.

    Have a great week.

    Fiona x

  5. We have berries like those, too - I think they may be ready very soon!

  6. Wonderful series and captures of the green. The crayfish is neat. Thanks for sharing, have a great day.

  7. Ein sehr schöner Beitrag zu diesem tollen Projekt...

    Carpe Diem

  8. I've come over from Green Day and have enjoyed seeing your selection of picture. I didn't realize crayfish were so colourful!

  9. I've been thinking about doing some of the "color" memes....this new Green Day will be awesome! I know I can find something green here in Tucson. :-) I'm just kidding...lots more green stuff here than people realize! LOVE your cray-fish! He looks like an elaborate piece of jewelry!

  10. Green is a great "meme-theme".....and it looks very restful to my eyes after our trip through desert country (we loved the visit, but rather would live where its green and water)....I like the fence shot.


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