Monday, June 18, 2012

Restroom Art

I have written several posts about the family outing we had last week at Onondaga Cave State Park .  One can be found at Color Connection and the other at Pink Saturday.  

I'm amazed that a few hours spent enjoying nature and the sunshine could give me so much  material for this blog.  But, the last place I expected to find something blog worthy was in the restrooms.  When I entered the Ladies' restroom and found a mural covering the stalls I knew I had to find a way into the Men's room as well. 

I don't usually take a camera into restrooms so I had to go back to our camp for my camera and the Old Salt.  Between us, we captured the following: 

 Front of the Ladies' room stalls 

Each restroom had one of these plaques acknowledging the artists 

Lets start with the ladies room.  Only the medal partitions were painted. The concrete block walls were painted white.  Please keep in mind it 
was not easy taking pictures in such a confined space. 

 Stall One only had a medal wall covered in flowers.  
The toilet paper holder was painted as the center of one bloom. 

 Stall Two had both walls covered in butterflies. 
I never did figure out what was supposed to be on the inside of the door,
 but, it was such a dark color I could not get a good shot of it.  

 Stall Three had a brightly colored door and more blooms. 

Now for the Mens Room 

 Here we have the front and outer wall of the two stalls 
The door of the first stall was just the dark paint seen here.  
There was no design.  Since this artwork was done as a school field trip 
I'm guessing they ran out of time. 

 The door inside the first stall had a fisherman at sunset.
 A large duck was flying by on the inside wall.  

The inside of the door of the second stall was covered with the orange leaves in the bottom corner of this collage.  The two inside walls were painted with the fish scenes. 

I don't know how many students worked on this project or their ages. I have to admit  I liked the artwork in the Ladies' room better than the Men's.  The Men's room was small and dark to begin with and the artwork seemed to make the room seem smaller and darker to me.  But, for work done by high school students I was impressed.  I also have to applaud the person who conceived the idea for this project and the effort that went into getting permission from the state to do the work.  

I am linking to Monday Murals 


  1. What an amazing project for ANYONE to take on - much less, for high school students! These are wonderful, and would certainly make your trip to the "necessary room" much more enjoyable! Great find!

  2. If I every came across this sight I would probably forget why I went in there.

  3. Oh I really am glad you took your camera in the restroom. This is amazing. I love young people's vision of art. Love this. B

  4. Great shots and great work by those students!!!

  5. Great that you went back. These are super!

  6. The students must have had fun deciding what and how to paint these murals. Talk about the need to collaborate! I'm guessing this will also keep graffiti off the walls. I like the idea that the blank wall probably represents "oops, time's up." It makes the work all that more endearing. And proves that murals can pop up anywhere! Thanks for your contribution to Monday Mural.

  7. What a fun project for a group of students, probably does a real good job of keeping people from scribbling phone numbers and other such stuff :-).

  8. This is incredible! I can just imagine the fun they had! Wouldn't it be nice if this were to catch on across the country?

  9. How adorable is that? I love the idea -- and have to laugh at your going back to the car for the camera. I walked into a restroom at Mesa Verde NP today and realized my camera was still dangling from my wrist, which made me feel quite odd!)

  10. I love the idea and reality of restroom art. I could imagine that you hoped that no one came in while you were photographing!

  11. Brilliant! For the art students, for the washroom visitors, for you the blogger, for US! Win all around. And you know, if I'd been there alone, I'd have found my way into the men's bathroom too! LOL!

  12. What fun! Bathroom murals! I love artistic design anywhere I can find it! :-)

    Well, I am healing nicely, and am back to making comments! I still can't see many of people's uploaded photos, but I comment on what I can. I have to thank you for your sweet comment about my surgery. I am so glad your Mom went through the recovery so well, gosh, those three days face-down were so HARD!!!! But, of course, it is worth it! Glad she is still doing well!


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