Saturday, June 30, 2012

graffiti, street art

  My mother recently moved into a small apartment in town.  She has a million dollar view of the Missouri river.  During a visit earlier this month we were sitting on her deck when a train went by.  I captured this railroad car covered in graffiti.  

I liked that the green car made it look like the background was painted too.

Back in March we visited the hometown of Mark Twain. 
The rest of this graffiti was captured there.      

  There were two corner walls remaining from a torn down building.
  One had this possum 

The other this artwork.

 While driving through an industrial area we spotted a building with some original graffiti.  

 Honestly, I can't read this but I like the shapes and the color.

A pink fish is certainly different   

How about a slice of pizza, anyone?

A penguin with a jet pack 

And, lastly we have a happy greeting. 
 And, yes we certainly had fun in Hannibal, Mo.  


  1. very nice collection of street art you have.

  2. What a nice collection ! Our trains look the same !

  3. Great street art! I have not looked around our town for street art - the city usually tries to keep it cleaned up. Maybe it is time for a walk around downtown to find some!

  4. The one you can't read... I tried and came up with "Ease"! BTW, like the jet packed penguin best. :b

  5. Not usually wild about graffiti, but gotta' admit that some of this qualfies as art. What a neat place for your mom to live!

  6. That railroad car does make the scenery look as if it is painted.
    I love the penguin with the jet pack. Some folks have a lively sense of humour :))

  7. Sometimes there is a fine line between the two. I truly do think that a lot of it is art... Nice photos!

  8. What a fabulous collection, love capturing graffittied trains, I agree with others - love the jet packed penguin, but really appreciate the one by Crik


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