Thursday, June 28, 2012

The "F" Words

Jenny Matlock, over at Alphabe-Thursday, likes to invite the FOLKS of Blogland into her classroom each week to discuss a FINITE letter of the alphabet.  This week we have been assigned the letter "F."  I FULLY believe I am FORTUNATE to be up to that challenge.

On a FRIDAY last April we made the trip to Montgomery Alabama, with my Mother, to attend my Aunt's FUNERAL.   While there we made a hospital call on my mother's sister-in-law.   My Aunt FLORINE.  We also visited Mom's sister and last surviving sibling.  My ninety-three year old Aunt Sister.   I snapped this photo of    the FENCE and FUSCHIA colored FLOWERS in her backyard with the FIR tree in the background in Dothan, Alabama.  I also swear there were no FLUBS, FAULTS or FIBS made in the writing of this story.  

 I have a couple of other snaps to share that begin with the letter "F."

The CampFIRE  with marshmallow FORK at our last FAMILY reunion.  

I photographed this FLOCK of FLAMINGO'S at the San Diego Wild Animal Park's many FINGERED lagoon on my FIRST trip to California to meet the Old Salt. 

Well, how did I do?  Is that enough "F" words FOR one post. 


  1. You have flown far and wide finding "F" words, so you haven't flunked and have finished your assignment in fine style. You have an interesting blog.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  2. you did Fabulous! Love that Flamingo Foto! Something I don't usually Find around here. {:-Deb

  3. That's plenty, Rita. You found some very nice "F" word pictures for your post.
    I am sorry about your aunt. Your relatives sound like they live long lives. I hope you do also.
    BTW, it's been a long time since I've peeked in on you.

    Jim's Alphabe-Thursday

  4. wow! mostly fabulous F's!
    so sorry that your aunt passed.

  5. Monteomery is a town filled with American history! What a great place to visit!!!

  6. Fabulously fun filled and interesting as well!

  7. Frankly, I think you F post is quite FINE!

  8. Hello.
    Enjoyable post. I especially like the flamingo shot! Thanks for sharing.

    Flaws Of A Woman

  9. I'm sorry about your Aunt.

    But regardless of the sadness, I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic link to the letter "F".

    Those flamingoes are quite fancy.

    Thank you for linking.


    PS. Sending you warm wishes for a fabulous Fourth!


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