Monday, June 11, 2012

Saint Genevieve Missouri

We have a dear friend who lives about sixty miles from us.  We  try to visit her every couple of months.  Tess is now ninety three and sharp as tack.  Each time we visit she likes to take us somewhere special to eat.  She prefers restaurants that have been around for decades and are located in historical buildings or small towns.  For several years she would occasionally mention that there was a restaurant she wanted to take us to.  It was in a small historic town quite some distance from her home.  A while back we arranged to take her to this special eatery and asked my eighty-seven year old mother to accompany us so that Tess would have someone her age to visit with during the long drive.  That decision certainly made for an interesting outing.  The Old Salt and I are in our sixties and don't often hear conversations about events that occurred long before we were born that the speaker remembers as they happened. We got to hear lots of that on our drive to eat. 

On our way into the restaurant, I noticed this mural across the street and quickly snapped a picture of it.  

Regrettably, I have no information on this mural
This mural is located in the historic town of St. Genevieve, Missouri.   St. Genevieve was the first permanent civilized settlement in Missouri. Depending on what source you use it was founded sometime between 1735 and 1750 by French trappers.  It is certainly an interesting and historic place to visit, with some restored buildings dating to the late 1700's. They hold a french festival called the Jour de Fete each year that brings visitors from all over to celebrate the French and indian history of the town.   More information on the town's history can be found by clicking here.

 When looking for information about this mural, I found several photos of this building on line and realized I should have taken more time and walk to the corner to take my shots.  The entire side of the building has windows painted down it and some have scenes in the windows, so I missed seeing all of that. I also found several different titles and stories concerning the mural but none were from a reliable source so I have chosen not to share them here.     

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  1. Too bad you didn't have the time to walk around. We ate dinner somewhere in St. Genevieve last summer - when we were visiting the family. Nice old restaurant, more like a house...but I can't remember the name! That is a nice mural - would have been interesting to see the rest of it!

  2. I especially like the old woman with a cane inviting the children to look at the past. It took me a while to notice the painted shutters and doors. Looks like this mural was the icing on the cake of your outing. Thanks for participating in this week's Monday Mural.

  3. With so much going on it was good you saw this mural. You'll have to go back to catch the rest of the building.

  4. Sounds like you have a reason to go back. Great capture.

  5. Beauty !

    Please have a good Tuesday.

    daily athens photo

  6. Oh, I think you mentioned Tess in an earlier post (didn't you?)....
    Thought for a moment, you were going to say she and your mother didn't hit it off!
    Would love to hear more sometime!

    1. Yes, I have written about Tess before and will try to do something in more detail first chance I get.

  7. St. Genevieve is a beautiful town. I think I need to visit it again cause I missed the mural.

    1. My research showed me that there are more murals than this one. They have some WPA murals in the post office done by Thomas Hart Benton. I also found another one on the side of a building of a farm scene with oxen plowing a field.

      We will certainly be going back to give the town a better look-see.


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