Monday, November 08, 2010

Old barns ----- left in the wind

I have been collecting photographs of old barns since the day I got my first camera. I have hundreds ranging from Polaroids to every type of film stored away in a old shoe box. Perhaps some day I will get around to scanning them into my PC. I have to give thanks for the invention of the Digital Camera that allows me to have my photos almost at my fingertips.

I captured this old relic during a trip out west last fall. It was sitting near the road, on the edge of a wind farm somewhere in Wyoming. In fact, I snapped it from the car window and barely got the entire structure in my shot. I would have missed it had the Old Salt not pointed it out to me. I was so busy taking in all those large propellers generating energy that I did not see it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Old Barn this week. I am linking it to my blogging buddy Tricia's new meme "Old Barns."
To join the fun by posting your old barn photos or to just enjoy the photos taken by others visit Tricia and her friends at Bluff Area Daily.


  1. Great air conditioning on this old barn! It doesn't look like it will be standing much longer.

  2. It has certainly seen better days, but still has character!

  3. Looks like a strong wind would blow this one down. Glad you noticed it! Great shot.


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