Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Old barns ----- lighting does matter

I doubt that any other structure in this country has more history and brings back more memories or nostalgia than Barns. Barns in this country include design styles, from many different cultures and countries, brought here by settlers who would usually build their barns before they built thier homes. I have seen abandon barns rotting away in fields beside the road in every part of the country I have traveled. I have also browsed the bookstores and seen the number of books dedicated to preserving the images of these old structures before the weather and progress erases their existence entirely.

I want to thank Tricia for giving all of us the opportunity to preserve in Blogland the images of those barns that we come in contact with.

This week I have two shots of the same barn. Taken in different seasons and time of day.

I first discovered this old barn when helping a friend move to a new house in a rural area of Warren County near Marthasville Missouri. These two pictures are just the way they cam eout of the camera. I have not tried to photoshop them in any way. The first was taken in early summer at mid morning. The second shot was taken in late October at twilight.

Notice the cows were in from the pasture in the second shot and the pale light has the tin roof looking less rusty.

I hope you liked seeing my Old Barn this week. I am linking it to my blogging buddy Tricia's meme "Old Barns."
To join the fun by posting your old barn photos or to just enjoy the photos taken by others visit Tricia and her friends at Bluff Area Daily.


  1. Oh, this is great! I love seeing the contrast between the two photos! :)

  2. I love seeing all these barns on my new meme - I really enjoying seeing what everyone enters each week! Thanks so much!

    I've been thinking of changing the name from 'Old Barns', because not all are old, to something w/ 'charm' in the title - maybe The Charm in These Barns or something to that effect - can't decide & need help. Would you have any suggestions?

  3. Love the looks of old Barns. Thanks for showing your photos.
    Have a good week.


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