Saturday, November 06, 2010

mellow yellow Monday --- yellow submarine

The last time we traveled to Omaha to visit my sister, we decided to get off the interstate and take a less traveled route through the small towns of Northwestern Missouri. We had driven this route once before and I captured several unique photos. I was hoping to be that lucky again, and I was not disappointed.

In the town of Blackwater I suddenly had the chorus of a Beatles song running through my head.

We all live in yellow submarine,
"yellow submarine, yellow submarine,
We all live in yellow submarine,
yellow submarine, yellow submarine".

and all because of this natural gas tank I snapped through the car window.

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  1. What an original thing to have in your garden. Was it for children to play with instead of a playhouse maybe?

    Erika B

  2. That's really cool. I love the creativity of someone who would think of

  3. Cute! I have seen that movie many times, first as a Beatle fan, then in passing it on to my children. Maybe I'll watch it again soon!

    Thanks for the visit!

  4. That is a perfect MYM picture! Now I will have that song stuck in my head today! Thanks for visiting and have a great week.

  5. Cool! Have a good week.


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