Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yard art Thursday -- Pumping Gas

Recently, we visited one of my brothers at his cabin on Table Rock Lake. My brother and his wife are both retired, and want to move to the lake full time, so they have been house hunting for a larger place. During our visit they took us to see a house they had just placed an offer on and were waiting to hear if it had been excepted.

During our drive through the neighborhood I noticed that one of the neighbors had a gas pump beside their garage. My brother told me the pump is decorative and lights up at night. The pump has a unique lighting system that allows the owners to change the color of the lights based on holiday or time of year it is.

Unfortunately, I did not get to photograph the gas pump at night. But, I was told the pump is normally lit with white lights. At the time of our visit, it was glowing orange for halloween. It flashes red and green during the Christmas season and glows red, white and blue on patriotic holidays like veterans day and the fourth of July.

I am linking this post to Yard Art Thursday.

Mary T. at the Work of the Poet hosts Yard Art Thursday. To join the fun or just check out the yard art discovered by others visit Mary and her friends at Work of the Poet.


  1. That was a pretty cool yard art. Don said to "wish the Old Salt Happy Veteran's Day".

  2. Rita, That is the most cool yard art evah! - the pump brings back memories (I'm old!)....and I would love to see this one lit up. Great.

    I'm going away now to visit your photo blog -- I love what you said about being surprised what goes from your 'trigger finger' to your camera. I'm often surprised what shows up when I download mine.

  3. That gas pump for garden art is just the best. So unexpected and built for laughter.

  4. I'm glad he kept the old gas pump. It's perfect, cash jocket! :)


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