Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yard Art Thursday -- Stone Arch

My brother is in the process of purchasing a new house. Several days ago he took us by to have a look at the new place. I captured this stone arch in the yard next door.

Frankly, I do not know what it is suppose to represent. It is made of limestone and only stands about three feet tall. I do not see it being the entrant to anything. It sits beside a large tree and there was no bench or flower beds or formal gardens.

Perhaps it is just the first install of a yet to be completed design. Or, could it be some sort of asian symbol to bring Feng Shui to the home?

I can't wait until my brother gets moved in and meets this neighbor so that he can get me the story behind this stone arch.

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  1. Could the neighbours be mathematicians and could that be pi?

  2. maybe one of those Oriental garden sculptures.:p this would look beautiful in a Japanese garden, i think.

  3. Cash Jockey, I'm dying to find out! Let us know when you find out. Pi is a good answer... :)

  4. An early start to Stonehenge? The rest of the yard looks nice though. Congrats to your brother on his new home.


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