Monday, November 15, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday ---- sand bags and fog

Tom Wilson once said " Mondays are the potholes in the road of life." Well that may be true for some folks, but, I can assure you those of us who start our day with a big dose of Mellow Yellow will never feel that way. What better color to cheer up the entire day. Besides, even things like road construction and fog are yellow's friend as my shots this week will illustrate.

My yellow shots today were taken back in September when we made a weekend trip to Tulsa Oklahoma to visit the Old Salt's niece and her family. And, that just goes to show that you can find touches of yellow cheer just about anywhere you look.

Road construction had us sitting still waiting for the signal to travel up the one open lane when I noticed the stop sign was anchored with "Yellow" sandbags.

The evening we were coming home we ran into about ten miles of heavy fog. I still had my camera in my lap so I did not miss this yellow beacon on the roadside. Just shows that even fog can't stand up to yellow.

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  1. The first picture, are those really sandbags? Maybe they're rice. hehe.. Whow.. the second picture. so foggy.. Kinda scary to travel with heavy fog like that..

  2. You're right. You can find something to photograph where ever you go. These meme's have definitely opened my eyes to the world around me. Take care.

  3. Nicely with the yellow sign in the fog.

    (my photo is lemon slices in mineral water) :-)

  4. Love the color of the sandbags nobody can ignore it. I am afraid to drive in a foggy area seems like creepy to me hehe. Happy Monday!
    Mellow Yellow Monday

  5. Great shots. Glad you're ok. At least you're driving safely in that fog. Have a good week.


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