Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Can't Believe

I want to send a big hello to all my followers, friends and family. And share with you some photos I snapped around town this afternoon when the Old Salt and I went out to vote and complete a few errands.

Perhaps, it is just my age catching up with me, or I have developed a faulty memory but I sure don't recall November's past being anything like what is happening here this year.

These knockout roses are still in full bloom

It looks as if fall has barely started around Lions Lake.

This lane was still green with just a hint of reds.

Of course, some parts of town are already raking leaves to the curb for city pick-up.

More knockout roses by the hospital

Yes, I can't believe this is the second day of November. Heck, this very cold natured person was out running around in shirt sleeves today. I can't recall the last time I did that at this time of year.

I sure hope this is the prelude to a mild winter. I know the school children will disagree with me but I am hoping for a winter without any of that white stuff.

Hope you are having mild weather in your area as well. As for me, I am going to grab these nice days and use them to get all my holiday running done, just in case Mother Nature decides to change her mind.


  1. Gorgeous Roses. The whole entry photos are beautiful. Have a good week.

  2. Oh Rita Sweetie...
    How beautiful these photos are. I love it. I thank you for sharing with me. I love the leaves and the Fall changes most of all.

    Living here in the desert, I don't really see that much change of seasons. Just beautiful sweet friend. Beautiful.

    Have a gorgeous Wednesday. Hope you both are well. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

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