Saturday, November 13, 2010

Camera Critters #136 - Our Feline Houseguest

Our Feline Houseguests
Boo and Pork Chop on top row
Velvet and Midnight on bottom row
All our houseguests are rescue cats and none were named by us. We never started out to have four cats. In fact both the Old Salt and I always claimed we were dog people. Cats were the last thing to cross our minds. Then came a request to adopt Velvet. Velvet, was a Christmas gift to my grandson and several months later he had to give her up when they moved into a rental that would not allow pets. Our taking in his kitty meant he could continue to visit her. Velvet is the leader of the group and certainly thinks she has the others buffaloed. She is the strongest and most active. She is also the only one of the quartet that is able to study a situation and figure out how to make it work for her. By that I mean that no matter how many road blocks we put in her way she will still figure out a way to escape the fenced patio where they have their yard time.
Six months later, Velvet's visit to the vet, had us returning home with a young male cat. Boo was in a cage with a "please take me home" sign that day. The vet convinced us that two cats were better than one, because they need a play mate. The vet was right. Velvet was much less demanding with Boo to play with. Boo is the youngest and the only male. He was a barn cat that came from a elderly lady that had to go into a nursing home. Boo is the most easy going of the group, no matter what the ladies dish out he just walks away. He is also the only one that acts like a dog. He will come when called and loves to play fetch. He also follows the Old Salt around and is his constant shadow and project supervisor.
Midnight and Pork Chop are sisters and the newest members of the household. They came to us about eight weeks ago. Their owners were from South America and had to return to their homeland to care for elderly parents. We had mutual friends who pleaded on their behalf and my soft hearted hubby could not say no. They are also the oldsters of the group. Pork Chop is loving and friendly and seems to have adjusted to her new home. Midnight, however, is shy and seems a bit traumatized by being part of such a large family. She still wants to hide under the bed and sneak out for food and water when the others are napping. She likes being petted but you have to go to her on her terms.
Boo and Velvet each have their own comfy spot on our bed and both refuse to share with the old ladies, so they have taken over the day bed in our computer room. Midnight and Pork Chop lived on table food until coming to us, so they come begging every time we sit down to a meal. They also had free reign of their former domain so they do not like being scolded or shot with the mist from a spray bottle when they climb on the kitchen counter or dining table. But, they are starting to learn that good behavior is rewarded with treats and that we are always vigilant so they are trespassing in forbidden areas less each day.
I never thought that I would become one of those ... old cat ladies. But, I guess that the description is starting to fit. I never thought I would be in this position but I would not consider sending any of our houseguests to another home.

Camera Critters
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  1. At first I thought they all sat together for a photo and the I saw- no, they're cats so they always pose separately..Lovely

  2. Nice photos and nice story how they each came to live with you.

  3. Such sweethearts with beautiful stories.

    Erika B


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