Friday, November 19, 2010

Theme Thursday -- Food

Over at Theme Thursday this week's theme is Food. I had not planned to play this week. Sure it's a easy theme. But, like many others who participate I am not a poet or writer. I'm also not the post-a-photo-and-call-it-good type. I need both a photo and the story that goes with it. I have lots of photos in my archives but not many decent stories.

Then today happened. So now I am coming to the party late but I have a story. Today is the day the Old Salt and I joined the other available members of the family to do part one of the family Christmas cookie baking. As I have mentioned here before, I have twelve siblings and my extended family comes to eighty-two people. Everyone in the family who can get together combines their ingredients and time to become an assembly line baking machine. Then the cookies are divided among those who participated.

The Old Salt and I contribute to the day but don't take any cookies because I am diabetic with a weakness for cookies. We just like being a part of the day. And what a day it is. Today we made thirteen kinds of cookies and each came in multiple batches. I believe the final count was fifty batches of cookies that went through my sister's double convection ovens. All the tins and containers you see in the following photos were full by the end of the day.

As I stated earlier this was just part one. We only did drop and ice box cookies today. We will be doing all this again in two weeks when we will do cut out cookies, breads and cakes.

Now you can salivate as you check out the outcome of our day.

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Posted by Picasa

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  1. I think I just gained a few pounds looking at your marvelous mosaics. Love that double convection oven but my bad part is I don't like to cook. My husband prefers to eat out-does that tell you

  2. I love cookie baking day...although I've been told I don't quite do it right..funny how I won a family "cookie contest" ...but somehow lack baking skills;)
    I just can't let that go;))

  3. Ooooh, delicious! I do love making holiday cookies. Something so magical about that.

    And of course the sugar and fat calories don't count, right? That's Santa's little gift...or something!



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