Monday, November 22, 2010

Ruby Tuesday and Rednesday ---giant steer

During our trip to Oklahoma a couple months ago we stopped beside the road in Oologah to photograph this monument to Will Rogers. While there, I noticed a red barn of a building just behind the monument.

"Wow!" "Look at that!" I called to the Old Salt.
It wasn't long before we were headed in that direction.

While that big red steer was what I was headed for I could not help but wonder who would place a building so close to the railroad tracks, that were obviously still in use.

Here it is up close. The big red steer I had seen from the other side of the fence.
But, I was dying to know what is the story behind this Bunyanesque steer.

When we walked to the front of the building we discovered it had once been a small restaurant. The menu boards were still there along with a few picnic tables but the building was empty. The sign that would have given me the name of the place was gone.

Next door was a large building that contained the Steer In RV Storage Business. Could the restaurant also have been called the Steer Inn.?

I am linking this post to Ruby Tuesday and Rednesday.

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  1. We have a steak house here in Lubbock that has the big steer out front, very much like your photos.
    Bryan's Steaks.

    Yes, we have enjoyed the canned biscuit donuts for years, too. In fact, in a post just below my current one is a photo of some biscuit donuts that my 8 yr. old grandgirl emailed photos of..:))

  2. That reminds me of how Route 66 used to be. Great find for Ruby Tuesday and Rednesday.

  3. Great shots for Ruby Tuesday! I'm a new follower from the HOP. Feel free to visit me here:

  4. Ha ha -- there's a big giant chicken in a field we drive by here in Eugene. It used to be on a restaurant we went to back in the day. I don't know the story of why it's where it is -- not on the location of the restaurant.

  5. It was used by a restaurant for many years. We had one around here but they closed down. It makes for a nice feature on red day.

  6. I adore that red barn....loving the cow,,LOL

  7. Very interesting story. I love how the steer has almost a "baby" look to his face. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Nan

  8. Such a shame that restaurant is no longer in business, because I love the look of it, but I would be afraid to eat there because of how close those train tracks are!
    Happy REDnesday and Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. What a fun post! I'm so glad you stopped but too bad the restaurant is long gone. Love the "Steer In."

  10. Great pic for Rednesday! Love the Cow! Have a Happy Thanks!


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