Thursday, November 11, 2010

Alphabe Thursday.. Hay-bales and Headstones

I noticed on a blog I follow, that Jenny Matlock's meme, Alphabe Thursday is featuring the letter "H" this week. I felt that was an omen telling me I should participate with the following photo that I captured a few weeks ago during a drive in the country.

Why? Might be your question. My answer would be because it contains four words that begin with the letter H. Can you spot them?

It is a Hillside covered in Hay-bales, Headstones and corn Husks.

This country cemetery sits on a small knoll in the curve of highway 94 in Warren County. The town of Pinckney mentioned on the sign has slowly disappeared due to the constant flooding of this area by the Missouri River that runs nearby. In fact this sign may be the last reminder that it was once here.

The cemetery is certainly still in use today because there was a fresh grave the day we visited.
Off across the cornfield sits the old church.

I am linking this post to Alphabe Thursday.

Jenny Matlock

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  1. Good Evening Rita Sweetie...
    Oh what a beautiful share today. I love these photos.

    The hillside is so beautiful with the haybales, and just look at the old cemetery. I could spend hours walking through there just reading.

    That church stole my heart. I love the steeple, and makes me think of the little rhyme we learned as children with our fingers, about here being the church, here being the steeple, and opening it up, and seeing all the people. I love that memory sweet friend. Thank you for giving me that this evening.

    I hope you are well. I am always so tickled to stop by and give ya some lovin. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. well that is an interesting shot ... with the 4 h's ... the old church looks lovely!

  3. At one time both my sons were practicing Morticians and I have seen many a graveyard. I would love my eternal rest to be in such an idyllic setting. I guess that sounded, lovely photos.

  4. That is so scenic. What a beautiful place.

  5. Pretty ingenious find on all those H's! We like to travel to unusual places. This looks interesting to me. ~Ames

  6. That's a vivid demonstration of headstones...
    the old church is awesome looking.

  7. What lovely scenes. I'd like to know more about the disappearing town, and the beautiful church.

  8. What a sweet nostalgic stop this am!

    I want to know more about that little church and town...

  9. Headstones, hay, haybales, hillock?

  10. Wow! Four in one picture. What a way to condense your post! Me, I have about 12 pictures. Great post!

  11. Wonderful photos, and a very interesting and poetic story to go along with them. Great use of "H"

  12. Lovely photos...I do like to look and wonder of the lives and families represented at cemeteries...especially the headstones of those from way in the past.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (Still trying to get to some more H posts before its already time for the "I" posts!) Thank your husband also for his military dad is retired AF, my hubby is retired Army and my brother is active duty Navy, in San Diego.

  13. a lovely setting! In this time of exploding towns, it is interesting to hear of one that is shrinking. glad you joined our alphabet adventure!

  14. What a lovely link to Alphabe-Thursday.


    I love scenes like this...older, simpler places respecting older, simpler values.

    Such a beautiful, pastoral setting and a wonderful link.

    Thank you.



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