Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Old Barns -----Tulsa ok

Sorry all, I can't seem to keep my day straight for this great meme on Old Barns. So here I am again, a day late. Perhaps, next week I will get it right and post on Monday night.

I photographed this old barn during our recent trip to Oklahoma. I believe it was somewhere near Tulsa. What captured my attention was the rather unique paint job.

I hope you liked seeing my Old Barn this week. I am linking it to my blogging buddy Tricia's meme "Old Barns."
To join the fun by posting your old barn photos or to just enjoy the photos taken by others visit Tricia and her friends at Bluff Area Daily.


  1. I wonder if they were trying to use up old paint they had around. Nice photo.

  2. I wonder if part of the paint has just peeled away...seems like I have seen corrugated siding around here and it sometimes looks like this...


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