Friday, November 19, 2010

Color Carnival #66 --- Birds of the Back Yard Puzzle

Two weeks ago today, our cable service went out and we lost both the TV and the internet. The company was unable to replace our faulty receiver box for five days. So what do you do when you are without any external form of entertainment?

The Old Salt had recently purchased this (very pricey)1000 piece puzzle of "Birds of the Backyard"; which he thought would be a good reference source for bird watching, once framed and hung near the patio. He also mentioned that it would be a good shared project for the two of us this winter. So, I dug it out of the closet and started putting it together.

This is as far as I had gotten by the time the cable service was restored. So the puzzle lay on the dining table for the next nine days and I would stop and play with it for a few minutes each time I walked past. Finally, yesterday I finished it.

Here we have the completed puzzle. But, it will not be glued together and framed anytime soon.

Turns out that somewhere over the previous two weeks a couple of the pieces went missing.
Heaven only knows where the missing pieces went. Will I find them in the tool box that sat under the table for several days? Are they in the box of Christmas decorations that also shared that same space for a while? Did the two year old who visits often carry the pieces into another room or put them into the toy box? Are they in the vacuum sweeper?

For now the puzzle still covers the dining table waiting for the miracle return of the Blackbirds body and the baby chickadee. Oh, by the way, next time you see the Old Salt, ask him how much time he spent on this great shared activity?

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  1. If he's like Don he probably spent 10-15 minutes max and you did the rest. That looks like a hard puzzle and I always have missing pieces too. I think the puzzle makers like to mess with us.

  2. So, "Old Salt"...I'll be asking,
    "How much time you help "Cashjocky" on the "shared" project?"
    I'll be waiting for an answer;)

  3. Oooh you gotta hate when that happens! Colorful picture though~

  4. I hope you find the missing pieces soon!

  5. That is soooo annoying.
    And it used to happen alot in my puzzle days, (before blogging). Like sox ening up at singles after washing :-)


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