Saturday, July 11, 2009

Color Carnival---- Eureka Springs

How fast the days fly by. Color Carnival time is here again so soon. My entries this week are some more of my photos from our recent trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I have never visited such a colorful town before. Today I want to share what I thought was the two most colorful buildings on the main street shopping district.

I considered saving this bold pink building for Pink Saturday but considering how many other colors are represented changed my mind. I have two shots of this store front. The full building and a close up of the second floor. I did not get the chance to check out what was happening on that second floor but by the looks of things it has to be a lot of fun.

While more subdued, this building has no shortage of colors either. There are three shots and I have listed them in reverse order of how they were taken. I was looking through the items hanging on the railings to the other side of the street. You may notice the flags on the railings. As I was passed it I noticed the ground floor flag was wound around it's pole. As I unwound the flag and noticed the bright colors I snapped the second picture. Then I crossed the street to get the first picture of the entire building.

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  1. What cool buildings! I'd love to see them in person! Great Color Carnival shots! :-)

  2. You'd think you were in Florida on those first two shots;~) Nice....

  3. that looks like so much fun. I would have enjoyed seeing it in person for sure. The colors are amazing, Happy pink Saturday, Char

  4. Love the building shots, they looks so whimsical and fun.

  5. Just think of what an ordeal it must be to paint all of that!!!

  6. What COLORFUL and ornate structures. Love the flag too ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. I saw some flamengos painted on the wall. Such colorful veranda!


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