Saturday, July 18, 2009

Color Carnival --- shop windows

Color Carnival time is here again. I am still posting photos from our trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. As I stated last week, Eureka Springs has to be the most colorful town anywhere. Today I want to share some of the colorful merchandise that was displayed on the sidewalk in front of some of the shops in the main street shopping district.

What would any good tourist mecca be without its abundance of tee-shirt shops. Eureka Springs is no exception. Here are just a few that decorated the sidewalk.

To join the fun or to check out all the colorful entries of other players, visit Martha and her friends at


  1. I love this! I used to go to Eureka Springs with my mom.It was always a fun day trip.

    As for Tablerock, there was a time in my life--including the summer the year before I moved here,that I was parked in a pontoon boat in my favorite cove near Kimberling City 3 out of 4 weekends. It's what I miss most about living in the Ozarks!!

  2. Very colorful !

    I have a T-shirt printed :

    what women want

  3. Great colorful shots! I love the t-shirts, LOL! :-)

  4. Mom would just love the t-shirt shoppes! Got enough of those our last trip...or so I thought.

    Just listenig to the Statler Bros. from your playlist, Rita. Hadn't heard that one in a while! I've gotta get one of these...

  5. I'm not a big fan of t-shirt but that colorful skirts sure catch my eyes! I want one of that!

  6. What a great getaway you had and a chance to get some great shots for the color carnival... love the t-shirts, too funny... :)


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