Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mid week Blues-- through the car window

Mid-week blues is a new meme hosted by Rebecca at Dusty Cellar. Lets all join in and help her in her effort to give blogdom a cool dose of blue.

This week I have an odd assortment of shots captured in passing from my car window. But, do not worry, I was not the driver. I had not found a way to use these before and noticed while hunting for other shots that they all contained a hint of blue.

I captured this first shot while driving around near Table Rock Lake while visiting my brother last month. I was going for the clothes drying on the canoe but, the blue trailer in the background was a bonus, just perfect for today.

While passing a small pond on a county road near my home, my timing was off, instead of the relaxing view of the pond, I ended up with this shot which just happens to be blue barrels supporting the dock.

On the same road as the above shot I noticed this lady weeding her flower bed. I snapped the shot because of the hair curlers. Surprised that anyone stilled use them, I wanted to show my grandchildren what us ladies use to go through. The bonus is she was wearing blue.

To join the fun or enjoy a healthy dose of blue visit Mid-Week Blue here. And tell Rebecca I sent you.


  1. What a great post! I had to do a double take after reading the descriptions for the clothes dryer and hair curlers!

    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Even a bad shot can turn out to be perfect!!

  3. Fabulous Blues!! Thanks for sharing and also your visit to my blog. You and your husband are Very Observant re.the double hooded car. The car was parked about a mile from my house in Southern California and the name of the restaurant is called Taco Llama which has good food. Thanks again, Martha

  4. Perfect for midweek blues - I made it through the first day back to work! :-)


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