Monday, July 20, 2009

Ruby Tuesday--- Baseball

Time to celebrate Ruby Tuesday. That day of the week when a little bit or a whole lot of red is the way to go.

This week my entries into the red arena all have something to do with St. Louis as well as America's favorite pastime, baseball.

Lets start with the Clydesdales, the symbol of that famous brewery which has had its name associated with St. Louis baseball since 1953.

Then we have a few shots taken at the old Busch Stadium during a game with our rival the Chicago Cubs. I have not attended a game in the new stadium yet. Maybe next year.
Now lets jump from professional baseball to the little leagues.

Here we see the manager of my nephew's team receiving an end of season gift from his players.

Have a great week everyone and for more things red, or to join the fun visit Ruby Tuesday at WORK Of THE POET


  1. Look at all that red in the stadium, that's some serious team spirit!

    PS I'm actually a transplanted NYer (in Israel 20 years now) but most of my family lives in New England so that's where we go back to visit :).

  2. I do love the Clydesdale horses....I posted a photo of them quite a while ago when they built a brewery in Northern Colorado...they're an awesome breed.

    Houston beat the Cards last night. LOLOLOL

    My Ruby Tuesday is posted...scroll down below my CATS post. Hope to see that you came for a visit today if you found some time.

    Happy day to you.

  3. I love that Budweiser sign with the cardinals and the horses are gorgeous. I can't beleive that stadium. Talk about being true to your team.

  4. Whoopee! Great Ruby Tuesday pics!Don't you just love St. Louis on game day? The sea of red is awesome.

    You're so lucky to have been to a Cubs game - those tickets are a super hard to get.

    BTW - for all of you who haven't seen a Clydesdale up close, they are incredibly gorgeous (this picture doesn't do them enough justice) and intimidating. I think they are eight or nine feet tall at the head.

  5. summer afternoon
    ballplayers dressed in crimson—
    cardinals in disguise

    My Ruby Tuesday

  6. Hey Rita, we (Houston Astros) beat those Cardinals 11 to 6. Yesterday we won, 3 to 2. Tomorrow night we play again.

    Ooops forgot, we are friends doing RT. I do like your red. And you are ahead of us two games overall, yet.

    I see you signed up for MidWeek Blues, I just posted mine. Right above my RT.

  7. These are all wonderful shots!
    I love the shot of the cardinal sign and of the coach.
    Clydesdales are beautiful horses. I saw some years ago at Busch Gardens in Virginia. Majestic animals.


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