Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Theme Thursday -- Stage

Theme Thursday has rolled around again. I have not been able to come up with theme appropriate shots for the last few weeks. But, I had just taken these pictures several days before this week's theme of " Stage" was posted. To quote an old forties line it put me "in like Flynn"

This is the empty stage at the Muny (Municipal Opera) in Forest Park in St. Louis. This shot was taken mid afternoon just a few hours before the gates opened for that night's performance.

This next shot, shows the Muny stage less than thirty minutes before the curtain rose. Each Thursday night, starting in mid June, the Old Salt and I and four other family members take our seats for that week's performance. Those same seats have been part of the season ticket package my family has held for the last thirty something years.

There are many choices we could make when it comes to theater in St. Louis. The latest shows straight from Broadway come to the Fox, while regional premieres of plays are preformed at The Repertory Theater, but there is no other theater experience quite like sitting in the great outdoors. The Muny in Forest Park is one of the unique experiences in the country. With top rated musicals every season...under the stars. I've been going since I was a child, when we would arrive hours early and picnic while in line to be assured a place in the free seats. I believe it is the only theater to still offer a certain percentage of seats free to those who are willing to arrive early.

The Muny is our nation’s oldest (and some claim largest) outdoor theater. It has been a summer tradition here since 1918. Crews built the theater in just 49 days on a hill between two giant oak trees. You can still see those trees in the first photo. Over the years, the Muny has attracted some of the country’s biggest stars. Lauren Bacall, Debbie Reynolds, Pearl Bailey and hundreds of others have appeared on this stage.

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  1. Rita, how awesome is this place? Looks way better than Boston's( and seats to boot-lol!). Quite a nice family tradition, you have there! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Great place, great pics! Thanks for sharing with us! :)

  3. Rita ~ I was going through the pink saturday posts and scrolled down your blog. Looks like you were at 42nd ST. at the Muny. My daughter was in the dancing ensemble in this show. My husband has been involved with the Muny for years - performing, choreographing and now he is a Director of the Muny Kids and Teens. He is the assistant choreographer for Music Man. My daughter will also be in Camelot.

    Small world!


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