Sunday, July 05, 2009

Manic Monday ---Country

Mo is the host of Manic Monday, and this week he has chosen the word "Country" for this weeks theme. Now that is a word that I know something about. I grew up out in the country. Way out in the country. We were twenty miles from the nearest town big enough to have all the services a large family needed.

I currently live in a small rural town and I do not have to get more then half a mile from the city limit sign to know that I am heading into a totally different life style. In fact, signs that "the country" is not far off have been seen passing through town on a regular bases lately. It is hay baling time in our part of the world so trucks loaded with fresh hay bales are driving through town a lot.

Below are just a few of the photo's I shot during a recent trip to a neighboring town less then twenty miles down the road.

Approaching the back door of a house I was greeted by this chicken.

Barns come in all types, sizes and colors these days. Many places have constructed modern barns but have left the old ones to fall into disrepair in the fields.

Hay time means there is hay in town, in the fields, in large and small bales and stored in modern plastic huts.

The field are full of crops in every color and stage of growth.
Around here many of the hillsides are green with grapes that will find their way to the local wineries.

I hope you enjoyed your ride with me on a short trip out in the country. To check out how others interpret the word "country" or to join the fun visit Mo here.


  1. Thank you for the trip down some country lanes. That is a pretty fancy chicken in the doorway.

  2. I loved these pictures. Where is that house with the chicken and bright green door? It looks lovely. I cannot wait until Denver and I can move to the country.


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