Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Stock Sunday---Carnival

Summer Stock Sunday has arrived. Time to post those photos that most say summer. For the kids in our area that would be when the carnival comes to town. While I do not care for rides I do have to admit that the sights, sounds and mostly the smells combined with the activity on the midway always takes me back to my 4-H days and all the summers I spent at the county fair.

The summer before my last year of high school I was assigned to spend the nights at the fair grounds to keep an eye on our livestock. But, I spent one night at the top of the ferris wheel instead. Boy, that was one sweet-talking carnie, who was able to convinced someone as deathly afraid of heights as I am: to let his buddy lock us at the top till he came back to work the next morning.

This is my daughter and grandson. Look close and you will find them in the top shot.

Robin at Around the Island is our host for Summer Stock Sunday. To join her and all those participating this week just click here.

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  1. How fun :). I haven't been to the carnival in years, they don't really have them here. My kids are really hoping to find one nearby when we're in New Hampshire next month.

    Good to see you back at Summer Stock Rita.


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