Monday, July 20, 2009

Macro Monday --- What is it?

On Macro Mondays we get to show off our macro/close up photos. While showing our guest around town during their recent visit we happened to catch this little guy flittering around a flower bed. At first I thought it was a tiny hummingbird. But, when it got closer I realized it was something I had never seen before. Neither had the other members of our group. But, the Old Salt did some research and decided it was a .........................(see the bottom for answer)

click photos to enlarge for better detail

A hummingbird Moth.

For other great macro shots visit here.


  1. A hummingbird moth? I've never seen one, 'til now! Never even heard of one. Pretty awesome close-ups, Rita :)

  2. Yes these are quite fun to watch. Not quite as fast as hummingbirds.

  3. Oh how cool is that..I don't think I have ever seen one!! Wonderful shot!

  4. You captured this beautifully!


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