Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Window views 12 -- More windows than pews

I have posted many times over the last few weeks that I was expecting to play host and tour guide to visiting cousins from the great state of Alabama. I have also posted photos and stories from that visit to several memes this week. My entry for this week's edition of Window View are some more of the pics taken during my cousin's visit.

We spent a very lovely day touring the quaint town of Eureka Springs in Arkansas, just a short hop from my brother's cabin on Table Rock Lake in the Missouri Ozarks. Built into a hillside just below the famous Crescent Hotel sits a very small Catholic Church, named for St. Elizabeth. This church has more stained glass windows than it has pews in the chapel. The walkway that leads to the church door takes you downhill and at one point is almost level with the roof of the rectory below. That roof has become a sort of wishing well with visitors tossing coins onto the roof. The only photo I took that did not come out well is the one of the sparkle of coins on the roof.

Due to the number of window shots taken in that church I have combined them into a collage. Please click the photo to enlarge for best detail.

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FYI: I have several more memes that I plan to post photos from the town of Eureka Springs. It is a very old town built into a hillside and besides being full of great victorian architecture has quite a history. Check my archive for more of those posts.


  1. Beautiful windows! the enlarged picture of the collage is amazing!

  2. Rita, wow! So many windows fro such a small church. Very impressive. I think I passed through( or was it around ) Eureka Springs, on my trip. I'll have to double check on that. Happy Thursday!

  3. Very impressive (and very modern) stained glass for such a small church. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. looks like you visited some nice places. Please stop by and see the view from my window


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