Thursday, July 30, 2009

window views 15 -- Eureka Springs

Thursday, already. Well that means it time for window views. The day we get to showcase all those great windows in our community.

This week I have a couple more windows from my trip to Eureka Springs last month. I do believe this is the last of them. First was an apartment building but I suspect that it had a different life before being reborn to housing.

These were part of a store front. Something tells me that they also have a building that has found a new life.

To join the fun or peek through everyone else's window views visit our host Mary t at Window Views.


  1. Love the coloured windows.

  2. Hi Rita, thank you for visiting my blog, the Little Photo and Poem Place. That is where I put the MidWeek Blues post and my Sunday poem. This week I also put 'Blue' on my more rounded blog, Jim's Little Blog. Come see in your leisure.

    I have been to Eureka Springs a few times. Once with with Mrs. Jim and my now deceased MIL. I think that was the time we went to the Passion Play, maybe another time.

    I did like your 'blue' post but decided to comment here. At one time I smoked a Meerschaum pipe but have not smoked now for about thirty years. I do remember Mrs. Yokum and hers.

    I like your blog, probably the next time here will be on MidWeek Blues, I'll look for you.

  3. Great pictures, this is a fun meme!

  4. I really like the gracious and graceful design of the stained glass in that first photo.

  5. Lovely COLORFUL windows ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,


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