Saturday, August 01, 2009

Camera Critters # 69 -- a rare duck

Camera Critters
Camera Critters is a meme that gives us a chance to display all those great shots of the furry, feathered, or reptilian creatures we encounter in our life. Today I want to share a rather rare duck. Or at least I think so. I captured this unique creature during an outing to the park yesterday. Lions lake has an ever-changing group of water fowl depending on the season. It also has a small group of ducks that make it their permanent home. But, it was the first time I saw one with this multi colored markings.

This is a very popular meme and the list of participants is lengthy so visit here to get your fill of all those cute (and not so cute) critters that share out space.


  1. Nice shot!
    I don't know one from the other except for mallards. :)

  2. Unique find. I've never seen one that color before either.

  3. Very 'kewl' find ;--)
    Sad day ... Jenke moved away ;--(
    Farewell Playdate
    Hugs and blessings,


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