Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mid-Week Blues---- Big and Small

Welcome to Mid-week Blues. This week I would like to share blue houses. Actually, blue is not an unusual color for a house but I thought that these two were a tad different.

I live in a small riverfront town named after the first president of the United States. Just across the river is another small town named after a woman who happened to have the same name as the wife of the President my town is named for. I found that rather interesting so the other day we went to explore the town of Marthasville. Today I would like to share two photo's that I took during that trip.
This is the big in my title. An old house in the middle of being turned from white to blue.

Now for the small. This little blue house sits beside a much larger house just a few blocks from my home. It must have been built to be used as either a guest house or perhaps a play house. I'm not sure which. But, I love the fact that it is trimmed in blue.

To join the fun or enjoy a healthy dose of blue visit Mid-Week Blues, hosted by Rebecca of Dusty Cellar here. And tell Rebecca I sent you.

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  1. Love the blue pretty and perfect for the style of the house.

    Thanks for posting.


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