Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Window views 18 -- Holy Family Church

Welcome to Window Views, a thursday meme dedicated to all those architectural delights that let the light into the buildings around us.

As mentioned in my shadow shot Sunday post, the Old Salt and I spent a pleasant afternoon last Saturday taking a drive into the countryside. Besides capturing great shadows we also happened onto a small Catholic church sitting at the end of a gravel road. It was a lovely church in a park like setting beside a manicured grave yard with monuments going back to the mid eighteen hundreds. The windows of this church appeared to be made of frosted glass. That was a first for me.

To join the fun or peek through everyone else's window panes visit our host Mary t at Window Views.


  1. There is a lovely quality to the light coming through those windows and the way it reflects off the wood panels.

  2. lovely window and story, If you’d like to drop by and see my sepia scene & window views, they are here. thanks!

  3. I really enjoy visiting old churches. I like the light...

  4. Very unusual, Cashjokey, in a Catholic Church, at least the ones I know. They usually have stained glass very fancy windows. I love the simplicity and frosted glass of these. :)


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