Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday -- the fence

My gosh, its Sunday again. I can't believe how fast the weeks go since I discovered memes. Now the days are no longer known by the traditional calendar days. Instead, they are now called ruby, mellow yellow, or you get the point. Now it is time for Shadow Shots.

I had a different set of pics put aside for today and just had to change my plans. The Old Salt and I were on a scouting mission today that took us out into the country. We were driving along by a wooden fence that seemed to be a mile long. I was admiring the angles the fence took and the weathered paint when suddenly I noticed the shadows.

I yelled "STOP" and the Old Salt being a good sailor said "stop, aye" and found a place to pull over. I think I was out of the car and snapping shots before he even knew why we stopped. I made this collage of a few of the shadows.

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Now like Paul Harvey, I will give you the rest of the story. Of course the shadows were on one side of the fence but I found what was behind the fence to be just as interesting. There was the fence itself followed by a nice mowed strip. Then I noticed there were several large fields beautifully laid out of Soybeans surrounded by more mowed patches. Then beyond the fields was............ well just see for yourself.

Click to enlarge and please study every corner --- There is more detail than meets the eye on first glance.

Have a great week everyone. For more great shadow shots click the camera badge to visit Hey Harriet and join in the fun.


  1. Beautifully manicured fields of unknown crops...but I'm afraid I'm not seeing what you're I blind...

  2. Rita, nice set-up beyond the fields of....( not sure what this is ). Anyhwo, did the farm-hand in the truck spot you two? And love the Paul Harvey reference :)

  3. Sweet Repose: Sorry, I should have said beautifully manicured lawns around fields of carefully planted Soybeans. One doesn't usually see closely mown lawns next to Soybean fields in rural Missouri, not to mention a lake with footbridge and a gazebo.

  4. @Frank, do tell. I figured soybeans or some other bean..and with a set-up like this one, at least somebody's doin' okay, yes? And I can't quite make out what's in the gazebo...or is it another shadow of some sort?

  5. Behold two fences,
    one substance and one shadow—
    keepers of the field.

    My Shadow Shots

  6. Funny you should mention the neatly mowed fields, yesterday on my way home from work, I was looking at a PERFECT field of corn and then another of the time I was thinking of how many chemicals the farmer had put on for them to be so weed free...then I saw the elderly farmer mowing in his rider mower right up next to the field, carefully mowing around each row to get the weeds totally cut out of sight...then I see the sign on his neatly manicured barn that he is a Pioneer seed dealer...go figure...

    Genetically altered seed and mass amounts of toxic fertilizers, chemical elixirs to kill bugs and weeds, all in the name of a better!

    Next he'll have a field party and invite all the locals to see what a wonderful crop he has conjured up out of the polluted earth...

    While I can no longer eat fish out of the rivers and streams and have to have mega filters to siphon the crap out of my drinking water.

    The beauty is only on the surface, below lies the pollution of a planet that we won't see repaired in our lifetimes...I think I'll take a ride today with the dog and get pictures of this toxic machine...not one weed towers in this polluters field...stay tuned, I feel a post coming on!

    Thanks for the reply...

  7. I drive by that fence,field, lake,...on my weekly visit to my mothers. Although the pictures are's much more beautiful in real life!

  8. WONDERFUL fence shadows captured in various views and a BEAUTIFUL farm scene too ... definitely 'scenic' ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Those shadows are so well captured! Almost like a double fence :-)

  10. Hi, neighbor! Thanks for leaving a comment on my SS blog post about the sculpture park. :D What a beautiful country drive you took and awesome shots of the fence and bean rows. I'll be back to visit often!

  11. Subtorp 77: The gazebo contains some plants in hanging baskets. The building, lake, footbridge and gazebo are owned by some well-off folks who are renting the rest of the land to a farmer who planted the soybeans. He can plant but it must be kept neat. Must be nice to be rich.

  12. Frank, thanks! Ithought I saw something in the gazebo-heh. Dealing with a spammer just now, so won't be back for a bit, sorry.

  13. Isn't it fun to notice shadows and their beauty since memes came into existence...I love your photos! Beautiful! Beings that I am from California's city life, I wouldn't have known that a weed-free field of crops was something to notice. I only noticed many more shadows in the scene...


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