Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Midweek Blues---- Crafty Wall

Welcome to Mid-week Blues. This week I want to share a blue quilt that I spotted in the entrance of a elementary school I visited recently.

To join the fun or enjoy a healthy dose of blue visit Mid-Week Blues, hosted by Rebecca of Dusty Cellar here. And tell Rebecca I sent you.


  1. That is gorgeously creative if there is such a thing! mother in law is a quilter and I will have to send her over to have a peek.

    Thanks for playing.

  2. Hi Rita, that is a very pretty quilt. I do like quilts, this one is really neat. It probably has a name.
    You did a pretty red truck find below too! I did Ruby Red on my other blog (Jim's Little Blog) where I graded a restaurant. It got my 2-star award.
    Happy MidWeek, please don't be blue this week! Thank you for your visit and nice comment. Yes, I hope those Kroger stores neve go away here.

  3. Rita, this is awesome! I'd be late to class for staring at such a fantastic eagle! :)

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous quilt!!!


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