Monday, August 03, 2009

Macro Monday --- First shot

Monday is becoming a very popular day for those that love meme's. There are actually too many to chose from and not enough time to post to them all. Macro Monday is just one on the list, but, it happens to be one from the list that I have chosen to post to this week. I admit that I have not posted to this meme very often in the past but I think that is about to change. You see, I just got a brand new macro lens for my camera. And,------drum roll please, here is my very first capture with it. And, would you believe I found it in the flower bed right in front of the camera store (also see Mellow yellow Monday for another shot made on that trip to the camera store. But, I got that one going in.) on my way to the car.

Macro Monday is hosted by Lisa's Chaos and to join the fun or just check out the other entries click here.


  1. Oh that is stunning - the colors divine!! Is that lantana?? Sarah

  2. Yup ... Monday has WAY too many kewl memes. Your macro shot is LOVELY and would certainly qualify as Mellow Yellow Monday too. Multi-tasking seems to be the only viable way to cope ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. lovely photo. Butterflies love this plant, that is what I posted.


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