Sunday, August 30, 2009

color Carnival #17 --- furniture scouting

For a while now the Old Salt and I have wanted to replace our huge sofa with a more slimline model . When the local furniture store advertised what appeared to be a great sale we went to see what was available. We did not find the sofa but I did capture these photos that I felt were perfect for Color Carnival.

To join the fun or to check out all the colorful entries of other players, visit Martha and her friends at Color Carnival.


  1. Rita, looks to be a well done up shoppe, wot? I fancy that second snap( tho' I've got my eye on the divder in the first ), heh, heh. Cheers!

  2. Very colorful. I like the divider, someone was quite creative!
    Sunny :)

  3. Very pretty and perfect for the Color Carnival! Have a great week Rita :-)

  4. Great finds for the carnival... hope you find your new sofa too... :)


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