Saturday, August 22, 2009

Color Carnival #16 --- The midway

Color Carnival time once again and I am still posting photo's taken at our Town and Country Fair that starts on the first Wednesday in August each year.

If you like fair shots you will find many spread out over all types of themes for the last month. Today's captures are all from the midway area. You can almost hear the money flying out of everyone's pockets in hopes of winning a large prize.

Be sure to click the photos to get all the rich details. Sometimes you will be surprised at what is in the background.

To join the fun or to check out all the colorful entries of other players, visit Martha and her friends at


  1. Great use of colour. Another enjoyable post.

  2. Oh Rita. How fun. Happy Pink Saturday. Thanks for sharing. I love a fair. We had them all the time in Oklahoma. Here in Phoenix they are just way to big to go and enjoy yourself. I pass. So thanks for taking me to the fair. I always love the colors and the lights. Please stop by and say hi. Country hugs, Sherry

  3. Rita, nice! That balloon wall justs screams for attention, heh, heh...

    And I'd not mind one of those $100 pillows at that Midway booth-LOL!

    The barkers are rather sharp dressers at this one. Nice to see that, yes?

  4. Happy Pink Saturday!

    How fun!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  5. Hey Rita, that is a lot of color.
    My computer is set to show only 640 of them so I am sure I am missing a lot.

    Happy Pink Saturday (reminds me of the dreaded Pink Tuesday back in H.S.). I am doing the Six Word Saturday meme,
    I posted it for today on my regular blog, Jim's Little Blog.

  6. Love the teapot! Happy PInk Saturday ~ Hyacinth


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