Saturday, August 08, 2009

Pink Saturday------ follow that car

Pink Saturday has arrived and time to bring out those photos with a little or a lot of what my grandson calls "that girly color."

Last school year the Old Salt and I played chauffeur to the exchange student that was living with my sister. Several times during that year I would see this pink car parked in the student parking area. I tried to photograph it each time with little success. Either the car was in a bad spot, the weather was nasty or the resulting shot would come out on screen as being so pale as to be almost white. This was the best of the shots but does not show the entire car.

Then today just as I was passing the high school that pink car pulled out behind us. Since the Old Salt was driving, and knowing how badly I wanted to capture that car, he pulled over and let it pass us. Then off we went to follow it to see if we could get a decent shot. I did manage to get two shots through the windshield. Not sure how great they are but at least the car does look pink. Not quite as dark as the real thing but pink.

And, yes it belongs to a female student. There is some girly stickers on the back of the car that did not photograph well.

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  1. Such a cute pink car. And you were lucky not to get arrested for stalking... Hihi... Would have made for a fun story!

    Happy PINK SATURDAY to you!

  2. Love the pink car!!
    You don't see that everyday!
    Have a very special Pink Saturday!!!!
    xo Tami

  3. I wonder if she's a Mary Kay lady?

  4. Happy Pink Saturday, Rita! Love the pink car! Hope you didn't scare her! ha!

    Have a lovely weekend!



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