Monday, August 03, 2009

Ruby Tuesday --- Fairgrounds

Ruby Tuesday has arrived once again. Time to share those snippets of red be they large or small.

The fair is coming to town. Yes, the biggest fair in our area is held right here in my town. Actually, the fair is just a few blocks away and because we live on a hill, it can be seen from our front door. Called the "Town and Country Fair" and held the first full weekend in August each year, they have been hard at work for the last week setting up the fairgrounds. I have been sneaking over to see what my camera could capture, and have two very red shots to share this Ruby Tuesday.

Have a great week everyone and for more things red, or to join the fun visit Ruby Tuesday at WORK Of THE POET


  1. I like the 1st pic. Creatively taken. :D

  2. Such a super photo duo. Love the contrast and the angles.

    My Ruby Tuesday is posted now if you'd like to join me sometime today. I also have a poll just for the day that I hope you'll take part's for fun and definitely non-scientific of course.

    Have a great day!!!!

  3. It looks like something bright and happy is going to take place.

  4. Visit the fairgrounds—
    something ruby is waiting
    to delight your eyes.

    My Ruby Tuesday

  5. One could not help but be in a festive mood while sitting under such a colorful tent. Great RT photos. Well done indeed!

  6. Im ready! Let's go! Great shots, love the first one.

  7. I can smell the popcorn and fried onions already.Nice photos.

  8. your perspective in the top shot is great!!


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