Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sepia Scenes #43 & Remember Whensday-- my baby

Remember Whensday is a weekly meme dedicated to sharing your "old" photographs and memories.

Sepia Scenes is a Wednesday meme devoted to those old and not so old photos done in all the shades of sepia.

I am going for a two-in-one this week.

A while back I was given a box of slides by an elderly family member which were badly damaged when they had a water problem in their home. They doubted the slides could be salvaged but knew that I had been working on restoring some others so they gave them to me to play with.

I was surprised when I found one of the slides was a baby picture of my daughter I had never seen before. I have done my best to hide the damage. I also changed it to Sepia to hide the faded colors. I thought this the perfect place to share it.

My baby is now thirty-nine.

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  1. I love the softness of the sepia scenes. Unfortunately the picture of your dear daughter didn't appear on my screen, but you must have been thrilled to find it amongst the slides you were given.

  2. Hi Lady,
    Thanks for peepin back. Wow... she's 39? That's incridible! How I wish I could reach such.

    Have a wonderful day overthere. I hope the weather in Swedden will keep hot a lil longer as we don't have a real summer.


  3. Did you scan the slide? I have hundreds of slides from the '60s and am currently trying to acquire a scanner from ebay to convert them to digital images for the pc. So far no luck!..too mean to buy a new scanner (I AM Scottish)

  4. Rita, wonderful photo! And she's just lookin' right at the camera. Look like she's on an old tractor, perhaps? My scanner conked out and I still have oodles to edit-waaah!

    Love the sepia tones!

  5. Oh, what a precious baby girl. She looks very serious.

  6. I'm 39, also - we're the same age! Neat!

    Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit & commenting on my page - You're so kind! And, a fellow Missourian. I'm going to follow your page & put you on my blog roll so I can come back for regular visits!

    Thanks again!

  7. What a beautiful baby picture. I bet your daughter was thrilled that you found it! I just love seeing these old pictures. I'm learning to scan some of our old ones and hope to have some of them on 'remember whensday' soon.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Sallie

  8. Look at those EYES!!! ... what a doll. My son is also 39, which still confounds me -- what happened to the years?

  9. She is lovely! It is amazing how easy it is to fix up damaged photos on the computer. I am scanning slides this month,a slow job, but most interesting.


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