Saturday, August 22, 2009

Round Robin Photo Challenge --- Birds

Welcome to this week's edition of Round Robin Photo Challenge. This is a Saturday meme that comes around every other week.

It has been awhile since I posted to this meme. I haven't had the right photo for it. But, this week's theme is Birds and I have the perfect shot in my archives. This photo was taken at the St. Louis Zoo. I don't recall the name of the little bird but it must like the cold to share its space with the penguins.

You can check out the photo's posted by the other Robin's or join the fun by visiting


  1. Looks like a very indignant Puffin to me! Love the expression on his face that you captured!

  2. Hi Rita :)

    WOW! What a beak he has! Very pretty bird, and a nice action shot. Well done!


  3. yep, I think Linda got it right when she said puffins; it seemed to me that puffins did enjoy cold weather

    great picture!!


  4. Yep, from my experience, that's a puffin. I like your shot of it -- so funny! Nice job!

  5. LOVE those Fence and Shadow Pictures...They are really wonderful! I missed the Bird...I will go back and look again...! DRAT!

    Tell Frank: I have another picture of "Barney" which is even worse as far as the lack of I didn't post it. Truthfully? None of these people seem to notice any 'flaws' at all....! LOL! They are just happy to have their picture taken with all these 'characters'...


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