Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Theme Thursday -- Kiss

Time for Theme Thursday and this weeks theme is of all things "Kiss." Now I don't normally go around photographing people kissing in the course of my week. Now, I will admit this theme had me doing some thinking. After all, I seldom see kissing in public where I live unless I happen on a group of teens out together or I am attending a wedding. As my brain was traveling along this path it suddenly hit me. The perfect kiss.

I cannot speak for anyone else but, in my opinion, there are two kisses that are most remembered. One is the very first kiss in a relationship and the second is the first kiss after saying "I Do." So I headed to my "IPhotos" to discover that I only have six weddings on digital and of those, I have two first kisses. So here they are.

The first is my niece and her new husband. Just so happens that they were married exactly three weeks to the day before the Old Salt and I. That was about 2 1/2 years ago. This happy couple also had their first baby a few weeks ago.

The couple in this next shot met on line and were married four months later. Yes, this is me and my dear sweet hubby.

As you can tell it was not a very formal wedding. We were moving the Old Salt across country from San Diego to Missouri when we stopped and got married in Nevada.

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  1. I went and read some of your older post links. That is truly romantic.

  2. I agree with you...these are the kissing moments to remember :)


  3. Rita, you nailed it spot on with this post! And sharing these moments is truly a wonderful event. Thanks so much :)

  4. captured it well...nice about how you and hubby came together...worthy of a movie. smiles.

  5. Ah...everyone remembers their wedding ceremony kiss....very nice!

  6. I'm ashamed to say that I truly don't remember my wedding kiss . .I do remember my husband to be stuffing up his words . . .great to see what you two look like and you met online? There's hope for me yet! Have a fab weekend.

  7. Baino, Your confession is not surprising and i am sure there are many more like you. I use to work for a wedding photographer and she swore that when nerves entered a situation then thought processes and memory were the first and second things to leave.

    We always tried to counsel our brides to get the photo's taken before the ceremony for many reasons one of which was that they would be more relaxed after and have better memories of the ceremony.

    If you were really nervous then you would have fewer memories of the time period during the case of nerves.

  8. That is really wonderful!!!

  9. Sweet post! Thanks for sharing that with all of us! ;)

  10. Can you kiss the priest at a wedding, or is that considered poor form?


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